2023: All political appointees must resign in 5 days or forget the primaries – New APC guidelines

New guidelines released by the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday, have stipulated that all political appointees who aspire to participate in its primary elections at all levels must resign at least 30 days to the conduct of the primaries.

The new guideline automatically leaves some of President Muhammadu Buhari’s appointees who are gunning for the 2023 presidency with just five days to either resign or forget their ambitions.

This is in consideration of the fact that the APC primary election for the Presidency, according to the ruling party’s timetable has been scheduled to hold between May 30 and June 1.

By implication, the new guidelines have also put paid to the ambitions of other aspirants for different elective positions who have not resigned from the appointments as of yesterday (Tuesday, April 25, 2022).

Governorship, Senate, Federal and State’s Houses of Assembly primary elections to select APC candidates for the general elections, according to the party’s timetable, will hold between May 18 and 23, meaning that appointees for such positions who are yet to resign as of yesterday would have lost whatever was left of their chances to contest in the primaries.

Section 3(i) of the APC’s final guidelines for the conduct of primaries states: ”No political appointee, at any level, shall be a voting delegate or be voted for the purpose of the nomination of candidates. Any political office holder interested in contesting for an elective office shall leave office 30 days prior to the date of election or party primary for the office sought”.

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