2023; Don’t entertain deception from politicians 

By; Yusuf Ishaku Goje

As the 2023 general elections draw nearer, you the electorate should get wise or wiser by seeing through the veiled pretenses of politicians .
Do not be deceived by the promises of heaven on earth.. because experience has shown many of them have high penchant to break promises made during campaigns.
Do not be carried away by the deceptive generosity of seemingly free money, souvenirs, food stuff, cars and bikes; common sense should tell you that you will pay for it tenfold when many of them get what they want from you.
Do not fall for it when they appeal to your ethno-religious sentiments, which is a divide and rule strategy, because when it comes to feasting on our common wealth, many of them mobilize behind their common self-interest and become blind to their ethno-religious differences.
Do not allow their propaganda to mislead you into disliking their opponents without telling you what they will pragmatically do differently. Because history has shown that many of them end up doing worse than their predecessors.
Do not be a victim of their cult-like followership, as many of them bother more about their ego and primitive accumulation of ill-gotten wealth than your security and welfare.
Do not be deceived by the conditional professed love they are temporarily showering on you during campaigns. Compare what many of them shower on their family members with what they are currently giving you.
Yes, there is poverty, hunger and unemployment. But is what they are giving you enough to solve your fore-mentioned problems? 
Why sell your future and that of your children for peanuts or temporary relevance or appointment? 
We have a choice to make; either we pay attention to scrutinizing the qualities, plans and capacity that the aspirants/candidates are promoting and have a chance at redeeming our bad situation, or focus on what we will get as our share of the seemingly free goodies that comes with campaign thereby selling our sovereignty; or remain nonchalant by not participating at all, which is worse than the first two options.
What is constant is that all the above options have far-reaching consequences. The choice is ours to make. 
Lets engage, ask the right questions and hold the government accountable.

Goje writes from Kaduna. 

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