2023: Kaduna needs leader with humane face – CAN

The Kaduna State Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), Rev. John Joseph Hayab, has said that the people of the State need a leader as a governor, a humane person who understands their pains and will work sincerely to heal their wounds.

Rev. Hayab stated that “Kaduna people need a leader, not a boss. A humane person who understands their pains and will work sincerely to heal their wounds, not anyone who will blame them for crying out because they are in pain.

“Kaduna people need a loving, caring, and empathetic leader, who will listen, talk to them, not command them around like brainless children.

“Kaduna people want a leader who will unite them, not a person that will create more division and exploit their little differences and misunderstanding for political gains”.

According to him, “Kaduna people will want a leader who will think Kaduna, talk Kaduna, stay in Kaduna, invest in Kaduna people, and build Kaduna people, not a leader who only milks Kaduna to build people who have no interest or stake in Kaduna, just to expand his political cloud.

“Kaduna people want leaders who will see everyone in Kaduna as his siblings, father, mother, aunty, uncle, or in general, everyone as his family, treating everyone with love and dignity for the overall development of the State”.

He enjoined the people to work as a family, irrespective of any differences, to elect an honest person that would ensure every person in the State is carried along.

“What the citizens of the State are going through has no religion, tribe, or section. We are all suffering insecurity where lives of innocent citizens are being killed on a daily basis and properties worth unimaginable magnitude are destroyed leaving people in abject poverty with no one to ameliorate their agony”, he emphasised.

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