By Umar Kaltungo

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo is in Borno State today, just a day after visiting Bayelsa. The Prof. has been traversing several States recently, supposedly on working visit, commissioning one project or the other, inadvertently enjoying limelight visibility, all-expense paid.

I recall, President BUHARI said, in an interview not long ago, that he will not disclose his preferred successor because the successor may be eliminated.
I also recall how prior to the 2019 elections, VP Osinbajo traversed this country sharing Tradermoni, Marketmoni, etc, which was interpreted in some quarters as either vote-buying or campaigns before the referee, INEC, blew its whistle ahead of the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

I now looked at the new zoning formula of the APC and the questions that are begging for answers in my mind is:
“Are we going to see the Prof. against the Lion in the APC ring? Could it be that the Lion is actually there to scare away any other likely candidate, to pave way for the Prof, knowing their historical background and antecedents?
Are we seeing subtle campaigns with taxpayers’ money? Will this not translate to giving the Prof. an undue advantage?

Other questions are: “If every elected executive chooses his successor, why are we being inundated with power tussle between former and current governors in most States? Furthermore, is Nigeria giving the world a new definition of succession?
Any wonder why we see coup d’etat in small African countries lately? Are we truly ripe for democracy?
The questions go on and on in my head.

So far, I have not seen any other serious heavyweight trying to glare across the arena at these two.
Please, help me check this permutation, I need answers.

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