“$36 billion needed to connect the entire country by rail” – Amaechi

Speaking on a television programme on Friday, Amaechi said railway is capital intensive, a situation that has made it difficult for private firms to invest in the sector.

He said the reason the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has been borrowing funds from overseas in recent years was because only Abuja was able to come up with the needed collateral to take such loans.

When asked why the Kaduna-Abuja railway had not been linked to Lokoja, Amaechi responded: “If we had money, I would want to be the minister that initiated and completed the linking of Nigeria. All I need is $36bn. With $36bn, all of them will be linked. “The project from Itakpe to Abuja is $3.09bn. If we have that, we will start it tomorrow morning”.

Amaechi, a former Rivers State governor, also said Buhari had done exceedingly well in the area of infrastructure. He, however, expressed fears that the gains of the Buhari administration would be reversed if the PDP takes over in 2023.

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