“40 years after, Nigeria going back to what it was in 1980” ― Sanusi

Former Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi ll has said that Nigeria as a country has made no progress in the past 40 years.

The former Emir, who was also Governor of Central Bank( CBN), made his statement at a colloquium in Kaduna yesterday, to mark his 60th birthday anniversary.

The event, which was moderated by ace journalist, Kadaria Ahmed, had in attendance Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State, former Deputy Governor of CBN, George Moghalo, the Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Emir of Zazzau, other Emirs and chiefs, University dons, other distinguished Nigerians, among others.

According to the former Emir, “In 1980, Nigeria’s GDP per capita on purchasing power parity basis was $2,180. In 2014, it appreciated by 50% to $3,099. According to the World Bank, where were we in 2019? $2,229. At this rate in the next two years in terms of purchasing power parity, the average income of a Nigerian would have gone back to what it was in 1980 under Shehu Shagari. That means, in 40 years, no progress, we made zero progress. 40 years wasted”, he said.

“It is not about one or two governments, it is about decades of a people throwing away opportunities and every time we are given a chance to make a change, we go back to the same old things.

“Between 2014 and 2029, based on this index of the purchasing power of the average income of an average Nigerian, we have wiped out all the progress made in 35 years. We have a responsibility as a people to rise and improve the lives of the people of this country.”

“It is no longer about government, political parties, traditional rulers, Emirs. The days are gone of saying one class of people, whether they are Emirs or civil servants, cannot talk. When there is a fire, everyone has to go with a bucket of water. We need to understand how our economy works as a people, we need to understand our choices. 

“70 percent of our challenges in this country, from insecurity to herder/farmer clashes, all have their roots in the economy. Even this shout about restructuring is about economics; it is about resources. We need to grow this economy and make it work for the poor people.

“As His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto said recently, this country has a problem. We cannot ignore the fact that things are not working. When you are in a society that is so abnormal, you cannot afford to be a conformist; because if you all conform, things will not change”, he emphasised.

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