4,722 Nigerian nurses, midwives top foreign medical workers in UK — Report 

The data from the United Kingdom (UK)’s National Health Service, (NHS), has said that at the end of May, not less than 1,000 medical workers, (medics), including doctors had migrated from Nigeria and other African countries to the UK, with Nigeria accounting for more than 60% of the migrants.

The data shows that one in three doctors and nurses who joined the NHS in England last year were recruited from overseas with the major catchment area being Nigeria, a development the NHS says has raised concerns that the health service in the country is becoming over-reliant on foreign recruits.

The analysis also revealed that 34% of doctors who joined the UK health service in 2021 came from overseas, with India, Pakistan, and Nigeria the most popular countries.

A breakdown of the medics shows that Nigeria was bettered by India and the Philippines with 21,357 and 17,825 nurses and midwives, respectively.

Nigeria which is also the highest ranked African country on the medics list, is followed by Zimbabwe which has 1,633, Ghana, 1,333, Australia, 774, Italy, 764, Republic of Ireland, 748, Romania, 663, Kenya, 641, Jamaica, 498, Portugal, 482, Nepal, 451, United States, 432, Spain, 371, UAE, 298, Guyana, 264, Saudi Arabia, 246, Greece, 231 and Trinidad & Tobago with 192 health workers.

In May, the Nursing and Midwifery Council of the United Kingdom (NMC) revealed that 7,256 Nigerian nurses and midwives had migrated to the UK between March 2021 and March 2022.

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