Bandits release over 1,000 people through negotiation – Matawalle

Zamfara State governor, Bello Matawalle says he granted pardon to repentant bandits because he felt it is “the best approach” to tackle Nigeria’s security challenges.

Matawalle said this during a television interview at the weekend, saying that as a result of negotiations more than 1,000 persons abducted by the bandits were released.

Recall that Zamfara State is one of the epic-centres of banditry in the North-West region.

He continued: “I cannot fold my arms seeing my people being killed every day. The Zamfara template is a focus on inviting various armed groups to subscribe to our non-kinetic approach of forgiveness, disarmament, de-mobilisation and re-integration of repentant bandits into the society.

“We consider this peace process as the best approach as large numbers of those participating in various crimes of rustling of animals, banditry were pushed into these by circumstances such as reprisals and lawlessness of self-acclaimed vigilante groups”.

“The Zamfara template is all about building a foundation upon which we hope the entire country will adopt as a sustainable means”, the governor further stated.

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