‘Buhari administration knows what to do to end insecurity in 17 months’, Says Fayemi

Ekiti State governor, Kayode Fayemi, says the Buhari-led administration can still fix the nation’s security challenges in 17 months.

in an interview yesterday, Fayemi said tackling insecurity will change the popular opinion about the Buhari administration within the time left of the tenure. “If we can destroy that monster of insecurity, the opinion in the country will change dramatically. If we decide to go after these people without too much attachment to human rights and issues that may come up from the international communities; these people are not ghosts”, he said.

“We know where the bandits are, so we can neutralise them and then begin to have the opportunity. It may not be completely finished under this government; but you can do that part of it under this administration. Neutralise all these elements that are responsible for the chaos that they have thrown our nation into. Unless there are people within the security institutions who are benefiting from the war economy itself, there is no question that they know what to do and we can fix it in 17 months”.

When asked about his presidential interest, the chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, (NGF), said his concern is on finishing well as the governor of Ekiti State.

He said the country is at a critical juncture, and as such, political stakeholders must rise above partisan interest to salvage the nation, adding: “There are a range of factors to put in place; the first is finishing well here. This will put me on a pedestal for the presidential interest. But there is no doubt that it is not about running or not running for president that Nigeria requires at this point”. 

“I think we need a collective position to save and rescue our country from agitations; all these resentments in and around the country. We need to come together and help President Buhari finish well, that is the task of the moment; not who gets to be president. In due course, that would happen”, he further stated.

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