Buhari’s greatest mistakes — Amb. Aminu Wali

Says President’s refusal to interact directly with Nigerians major cause of unending crises

The immediate-past Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Aminu Wali, has said that the greatest mistake of the Buhari administration is the president’s refusal to engage with all shades of opinions in order to find answers to the myriad of challenges confronting the nation.

Wali, a former Ambassador to China and Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), in a published interview on Saturday, cited the government’s inability to curtail the insecurity bedeviling the nation and the poor management of the country’s economy as partly responsible for the different agitations for self-determination.

According to him, the President has to open his doors wide to accommodate all shades of people; to listen to what they are saying, not his official communication. Only then will he properly understand what is happening so that you can be able to juxtapose the official version and what you hear from different sorts of people within the country.

He lamented the political approach that people in government have towards the opposition, particularly under the present administration, that any other party or any other politician in the opposition is an enemy of the government.

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