Christmas Message: ‘Nation still in search of truth’ – Bishop Kukah

Asks Buhari to speak on challenges, says North is fast becoming ‘Arewanistan’

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has slammed President Buhari’s government for being “totally oblivious to the cherished values of the sacredness of life”.

In his Christmas message today titled: ‘A nation still in search of truth & Vindication‘, Bishop Kukah renewed concern about the killings and kidnappings, the moral scar of which brings shame “on our face and cannot be wished away”.

According to the Bishop, “At about this time last year when I raised the alarm about the perilous state of affairs in northern Nigeria, all kinds of accusations were levelled against me, especially by my northern brethren. Today, a feeling of vindication only saddens me, as I have watched the North break into a cacophony of quarrelsome blame games over our tragic situation.

“A catalogue of unprecedented cruelty has been unleashed on innocent citizens across the northern States. In their sleep, on their farmlands, in their markets, or even on the highway, innocent citizens have been mowed down and turned into burnt offerings to gods of evil.

“Communities have been turned into gulags of misery, death, pain and perfidy. We must move quickly before Arewa, our beloved Arewa, descends into Arewanistan!”

He also warned his northern brethren that Northern Nigeria could soon become Arewanistan with the region turned into a burgeoning killing field.

He urged President Buhari to speak up over the issue, saying, “The silence of the Federal Government only feeds the ugly beast of complicity in the deeds of these evil people who have suspended the future of entire generations of our children. Every day, we hear of failure of intelligence, yet, those experts who provide intelligence claim that they have always done their duty diligently and efficiently”.

The Bishop queried, “Does the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria not believe that he owes parents and citizens answers as to where our children are and when they are coming home?

“Does the President of Nigeria not owe us an explanation and answers as to when the abductions, kidnappings, brutality, senseless, and endless massacres of our citizens will end? When will our refugees from Cameroon, Chad or Niger return home? We need urgent answers to these questions.

While commending the security agencies for their efforts, the Bishop called on the President and the Governors to develop a more honest, open and robust strategy for ending the humiliation of our people and restoring social order.

“We have borne enough humiliation as communities and a country”, he lamented.

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