“Disregard North and pay a heavy price” – Northern Broadcast Media Chieftain tells presidential candidates

The Chairman, Northern Broadcast Media Owners Association, (NBMOA), Alh. Abdullah Yelwa, Ajiyan Yauri, has called on political parties and their candidates not to make the mistake of underrating the potency of the broadcast media stations in the North as political campaigns are set to commence.

Northern Nigeria

Alhaji Yelwa, who is the founder and chairman of Caliphate Radio/Television, said, “We note with deep concern the tendency of some political actors to prioritise the use of a few Lagos-based television stations for political messaging in the North. 

According to him, “Political education and mobilisation in the North are carried out through radio and local television stations that speak in the languages of the North.

“It is therefore suicidal for anyone seeking to garner the Northern votes to neglect the strength of the Northern broadcast media for mere sound bites coming from Lagos.

The chieftain further said, “The 2023 presidential election, as political pundits have explained, would be won or lost in the North. The Northern electorate forms their political opinion by listening to the radio, which is often broadcast in their native language. He or she neither speaks English nor has electricity, or subscription, to power

TV sets to listen to campaign messages coming from Lagos”.

He, therefore, called on all the presidential candidates participating in the 2023 presidential election to avail themselves of the services of the Northern Broadcast Media Owners Association.

The Association has over 100 NBC licenced radio and television stations and broadcasts in over 30 major languages widely spoken in the North, including Hausa, Fulfulde, Kanuri, Bachama, Tiv, Igala, Yoruba, Nupe, Gwari, Angas, Pidgin, Idoma, Igbirra, and the like.

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