“El-Rufa’i’s mass sack of workers could lead to security crisis” – Mr. LA

By Falal Ango

A prominent Kaduna politician, Hon. Lawal Adamu Usman, also known as Mr. LA, has described the recent mass sack of public service workers by the Kaduna State government as a major threat to the security of the State.

Mr. La, a one-time aspirant for Senator, Kaduna-Central in 2019, made the condemnation in Kaduna yesterday, while reacting to the sack of local councils workers who are above 50 years, and the pegging of total number of staff in each local government council at 50 workers.

The government has also ordered the conversion of all categories of officers on GL 01-06 as casual workers, among others.

According to him, the State government must take into cognisance the cost implication of the mass sack on the society and families, as well as the security situation in the State.

According to him,“Kaduna State is already faced with issues of insecurity, unemployment, poverty, the devastating effect of Covid-19 pandemic and dwindling business prospects; therefore, any additional pain on the citizens will reasonably be repulsive to human conscience.

He added that “moreover, security experts and stakeholders have identified unemployment as a major factor in turning young people’s lives into acts of terrorism”.

Mr.La further lamented that, “We have security challenges in and outside Kaduna State; because even last week, there were several attacks in Chikun and Igabi Local government areas. As I’m speaking to you, the College students that were recently kidnapped have been in the hands of terrorists for almost a month”.

“We need to tell each other the truth. With the current plight of the poor masses, what they need is government support and not to put their lives and the lives of their families in further jeopardy”, he emphasised.

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