Full resignation statement of Sani Shaban from All Progressive Congress


As you may be aware, my entire Political career has been devoted to the Progressive opposition ideology, which seeks to provide good governance at all levels to the citizenry of Nigeria. I was a founding member of the All People’s Party (APP) at the advent of this 4h Republic in Nigeria. In fact, I was one of the Four (4) persons who brought to, and built up the APP in Kaduna State from inception.

As you may also recall, the APP later metamorphosed into the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP). We left the ANPP together with His Excellency, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR to form the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). We were the bulk of the (CPC) component that teamed up with other Political Parties to form the All Progressives Congress (APC).

As you may be aware or recall, I was thus one of the founding Members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the Nation and in Kaduna State.

As you may also recall, I worked assiduously for the success of the APC in Kaduna State and in Nigeria, which God willing, culminated in the APC being the ruling Party nationally and in Kaduna State. We formed the APC and gave it our best in terms of resources, experience, network, and wherewithal
because we saw the Party as the vehicle through which we Progressives will propel Nigeria and Kaduna State in particular towards the ideals of social justice, economic prosperity, peace and social integration.

We were enticed with all manner of offers while in the opposition to abandon our democratic ideals and demands for good governance, but our unshakable resolve in the pursuit of the greater good of the masses kept us in focus and in line to refuse all personal enticement, and gratifications at the expense of the masses. The strength of our conviction led us to form the APC to be the vehicle to lead Nigerians into an era of political and economic prosperity, peace, security and good governance which the teeming and sacrificing masses of Nigeria and Kaduna State rightfully deserve from their leadership.

However, recent activities and events within the APC in Kaduna State in particular have compelled me to reconsider my membership of the APC. Despite all our best efforts, admonitions and best intentions, it is disheartening to note that the APC has become more alienated from the masses, and father than foster peace, social cohesion and integration in Kaduna State as we envisaged and worked for, the APC in Kaduna State is now seen as synonymous with hardship, division and with total disregard for human lives, communal and family values.

Furthermore, rather than work to bring the dividends of democracy closer to the masses, some few elements in the APC in Kaduna State have hijacked the Party structure and turned it into their personal
estate to serve their personal greed and avarice, for the benefit of only their families, friends and cronies. They have no regards whatsoever for the feelings, yearnings and sensibilities of even the many members of the Party who supported them, and the general populace of Kaduna State.

As one who strongly believes in God, and in the belief that the commonwealth of the land is for the common benefit of all, I have found myself unable in good conscience, to sit back and allow this reign of impunity to go on without a voice of dissent. At various times, I have had cause to express my displeasure with the policies and actions of the APC in Kaduna State to you. As you are aware, my stance on good governance, Rule of Law, Social Justice and Equity has caused us to be treated with disdain, and to be seen as a Pariah to those who are personally benefitting from the skewed realities presently in the APC. My many admonitions, advice, protests, actions and best efforts at salvaging the Party to bring it back into focus to achieve the set objectives of forming the Party have been severally ignored by you. There is however, a limit to what I can do as a Member of the Party.

I believe I have in all conscience before God, done my possible best to stave off the inevitable but to no avail. I have come to the firm conclusion and resolve that in all good conscience, I cannot remain a member of the APC under the present state of affairs, where the interest of the majority of common folks is little regarded.

I cannot remain in a Party that has little or no regard for human lives, social integration, peace and our time valued and cherished Communal and traditional values. I cannot remain in the APC when the Party has no respect for the Rule of Law and simplest of the laws of the

Therefore, effective immediately, I officially and formally resign my membership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at all levels.

I thank you for the opportunity of participation in the activities and affairs of the Party while I was a member. On a final note, I advise the Party to do some honest soul searching with a view to returning back to the ideals for which we formed the

While thanking you in anticipation of your understanding and cooperation in this regard, please accept the assurances of my regards.

Hon, Sani Mahmood Sha’aban
(Dan Buram Zazzau & Barden Keffi
28th November, 2022

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