“Herdsmen have left South-East but Igbos are still killing one another”, Miyetti-Allah 

One of the umbrella bodies of Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, Miyetti-Allah, has said that Igbos are still killing each other even though herdsmen have left the South-East region. 

This comes after the anti-open grazing laws have been signed by many southern States.

According to the group, even after their departure and the signing of the anti-open grazing law, there is still violence in the region.

The spokesman of the group, Saleh Alhassan, claimed that this incident is indicative that herdsmen were never a threat.

According to him, herders activities in the south-east is mostly limited to buying and selling of cattle and the cows mostly belonging to Igbo traders

He stated, “That nonsense you see in the South-East is a manifestation of frustration. Now that the herders are not there, they are still killing themselves. Sometimes they wear Fulani attire to continue to commit heinous crimes”.

“Now that the herders are not there, are they having peace in the East?”, he queried.

The spokesperson also mentioned that the numerous sit-at-home orders enforced by the banned IPOB has resulted in a loss of cattle, therefore both Miyetti Allah and herdsmen had to take their business elsewhere.

“Those Biafrans are shooting and killing their animals. Those making noise in the media are cattle traders; they will not go anywhere. The cows you see there now belong to the Igbo,” Alhassan stressed.

He also stated that Miyetti Allah was not going to adhere to the anti-open grazing law being enforced in primarily every State in the South because, according to him, open grazing is their way of life.

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