Hiked flour price in Bamako leads to Bakeries, pastry shops strike

Some bakeries and pastry shops in Bamako, the Malian capital, on began a 48-hour strike in protest over the rise in the price of flour since last week, from 17,000 CFAF to 20,000 CFAF per 50kg bag.

However, the trade union federation of bakers and pastry chefs in Mali (FSBPM) has disassociated itself from this movement which it considers “unilateral and wild”.

According to a union official, consumers can buy 300 g of baguette and 150 g of baguette directly from open bakeries at a price of 300 CFAF for a 300 g baguette and 150 CFAF for a 150 g baguette.

Last week, the Directorate General of Trade, Consumption and Competition (DGCCC) indicated that the department in charge of trade had initiated discussions with actors in the country’s flour supply chain in order to reach consensus prices.

In order to prevent the increase in flour price from being passed on to the price of bread, consultations have been organised with partners in the wheat/farina/bread sector, according to the DGCCC.

These negotiations should reach a consensus price for a bag of flour, in accordance with the agreement signed between the government and the whole sector. Currently, the price of a 300g baguette is 250 CFA francs and that of a 150g baguette is 125 CFA francs. 

Sliced loaf of bread
Sliced loaf of bread

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