Hunger imminent, as rice farmers face drought in Kano

As climate change continues to worsen in the northern parts of Nigeria, weeks without rainfall in Kano have resulted in many farmers losing their crops, especially rice.

Rice, which requires consistent water supply, has been left without the usual daily rainfalls for several weeks and the plants are drying out.

In some places where the farms are located close to water sources like rivers, ponds and water channels, or even boreholes, farmers are seen using the sources to water their farms, a very unusual sight during the wet season.

The Chairman of Tudun-Wada Rice Farmers Association, Kano, Husaini Muhammad, told newsmen that they are already losing two-thirds of their products to insufficient rainfall and are not likely to harvest the remaining one-third of what they have planted.

“This is definitely going to affect the price of the product subsequently.

“Already the price has started rising because the ones already harvested is not much”, he stated.

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