Insecurity: Catholic Bishops passes vote of no confidence on security agencies 

Direct churches to beef-up security

Catholic Bishops, under the umbrella of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, (CBCN), have raised the alarm over rising insecurity across Nigeria, which they said has made churches and other worship centres vulnerable to attack.

CBCN President, Most. Rev. Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji, disclosed the development in his speech delivered during the opening session of the 2022 second plenary assembly of the CBCN held at the Sacred Heart Pastoral Centre, Oriu, Imo State, on Sunday. 

The CBCN stressed the need for precautionary measures to secure the church premises and other church institutions; hence it directed all dioceses and churches to take improved measures to beef up security in their local assemblies. They suggested that the way of the quagmire is through good governance that aims at the common good.

The Bishops also claimed that the rising insecurity and worsening economic situation in the country have resulted in migration and brain drain, stressing that professionals and skilled labourers are leaving Nigeria in thousands annually in search of safety and security, job opportunities and better standard of living abroad, especially in Europe, United States and other African countries.

The CBCN thus called on dioceses, parishes and church organisations across the country to help raise awareness on the matter.  

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