Insecurity: Gov. el-Rufa’i secretly withdraws son from public school in Kaduna

The seven-year-old son of Kaduna State governor,  Governor Nasir el-Rufa’i, Abubakar el-Rufa’i, who was enrolled in 2019 at the Kaduna Capital School, has been absent from school for several weeks till now, according to a  finding published by SaharaReporters.

It was learned that the boy’s absence from the school is strongly linked to the rising abduction of school children in northern Nigerian schools by ravaging bandits, of which Kaduna State has had an ugly share, and still has yet-to-be-released abducted pupils. 

After visiting the school premises on Monday, it was reportedly established from pupils and teachers that young el-Rufa’i had not come to school since resumption, amidst the rising insecurity and threats to the lives of schoolchildren.

According to their correspondent’s report, he arrived at the school around 10 am, but did not see Abubakar till the school closed by 1 pm and pupils started trooping home.

Abubakar is in Basic 2B at the Kaduna Capital School – a class of about 50 pupils before the Covid-19 pandemic struck last year. Schools started resuming in the state from February 1, 2021, after the pandemic-induced long break – the senior secondary school classes first and later primary school pupils on March 22.

Some pupils and two teachers, who spoke to the reporter, reportedly confirmed that the young el-Rufa’i had been absent from school since resumption.

Coincidentally, El-Rufai’s wife, Hadiza, on Monday insinuated that her husband had told her that if she ever got kidnapped, he would not pay ransom to secure her release.

On her Twitter handle, Hadiza Isma el-Rufa’i (@hadizel), said, using asterisks in place of what is believed to be the words: kidnapping and ransom.

Kaduna State has experienced abductions of public school pupils by gun-wielding bandits recently, with the State government emphasising that it will mete out violence to the criminals and not negotiate to pay any ransom.

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