Insecurity: Stop these senseless killings now, Ulama forum tells Buhari

The Ulama forum in Nigeria has declared ‘alqunut’, which is a special prayer offered in times of turmoil during each prayer session in all mosques across the country.

A press release from the forum made available to newsmen in Bauchi, on Thursday, stated that it is greatly concerned and saddened over the perpetual killings of innocent lives going on unabated in Nigeria, especially in the North-West of the country in recent times.

The forum further stated: “It is highly inconceivable how bandits and terrorists move about freely in the land, committing heinous acts and atrocities unchecked by the power of government and its security agencies.”

The forum further stated: “In particular,  our hearts bleed over the dastardly and inhuman act of burning alive of 23 passengers in Sokoto State. Other equally sad losses of lives that were witnessed in Niger, Kaduna, Zamfara and Katsina States over the last one week are heart-touching, frustrating and, to say the least unpardonable.

“The terrorist shave desecrated all religious, human and universal values and indeed, they have lost their faith and humanity; they must be confronted head-on with might and power. We most strongly urge the Federal Government of Nigeria to sit up to its responsibility of protecting the lives of Nigerian citizens”.

The forum then stated that “To this end, members of the Forum have resolved to devote themselves to ‘alqunut’ (special prayer in times of turmoil) during each prayer session. Similarly, special prayers should be observed in Madaaris (Islamiyyah schools) and other places of gathering”.

The release further contained that, “We pray to  Allah to give our leaders the listening ears to hear the cries of its weak, terrorised and terrified citizens, particularly in the North. May they have the wisdom, will, determination and ability to do the needful and ensure peace and security in the land. There is no power or strength save in Allah. May Allah help us in this regard”.

The statement was endorsed by 30 members of the forum and other scholars across the country, signed by the Kano State’s Secretary of the Forum, Engr. Basheer Adamu Aliyu.

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