Insurgency: “We support Nigeria with £5m annually to tackle humanitarian crisis” – Belgian govt.

The Belgian Ambassador to Nigeria, Daniel Bertrand, has said that the Belgian government supports the Federal Government with £5 million annually to tackle the humanitarian crisis in the North-East region.

The Ambassador made this known yesterday in Abuja, when he visited the Managing Director of the North-East Development Commission, (NEDC), Mohammed Alkali.

Bertrand said the purpose of the visit was to know better what the Commission is doing and the challenges being faced and how the Belgian government can be of help.

Bertrand further pointed out that what is happening in the Sahel region has a great impact on Nigeria, especially in the North-East and vice versa.

When asked how much the Belgian government has given Nigeria in tackling the humanitarian crisis in the North-East, Bertrand added, “I think it is more or less £5 million a year”.

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