ISWAP/Boko Haram clash consumes Shekau in Sambisa Forest – Report

Leader of the militant terrorist group, Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, has been seriously wounded after trying to kill himself to avoid capture during a deadly clash between his men and those of his rival Islamic State-allied jihadists in the north of the country, the Islamic State West Africa Province, (ISWAP).

Although, there has neither been any confirmation, intelligence sources said yesterday that the Boko Haram leader was ‘seriously’ wounded after the deadly clash. 

According to another  situation report, the notorious terrorist leader was killed during the struggle for power between the Boko Haram and the ISWAP groups.

The ISWAP, a splinter group of Boko Haram, which has grown in power and influence since it started operating from its territorial base on the banks and islands of Lake Chad, has now occupied some section of Sambisa Forest following the latest development.

According to the report, findings reveal that ISWAP has been in pursuit of Shekau, which led to him discarding his camp and running off until he was rounded up yesterday which led to the incident. The clash also reportedly resulted in some casualties on the ISWAP side.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian military has placed all Borno State Commands of the Nigerian Army and Air Force on alert.

The troops have lately been carrying out discreet bombardments around the Sambisa axis and Lake Chad axis, which may have triggered the current crisis and strife between the two hitherto collaborators.

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