‘It’s cheaper to transport a container from China to Lagos than from Lagos to Kano’ – BUA Chairman, AbdulSamad laments

Chairman and CEO of BUA Group, Abdul-Samad Rabiu, has said it is cheaper to transport a container from China to Lagos than from Lagos to Kano.

He said this in Paris, France, while commenting on the enormous opportunities in the Nigerian transportation system, particularly the rail sector.

Rabiu commended the Buhari administration’s investment in rail infrastructure across the country. He, however, urged global financiers and private investors to invest in the rail sector.

He said with large arable land in Nigeria, there are opportunities in commercial agriculture as well as mining and manufacturing.

According to him, Nigeria is sitting on billions of tons of different mineral resources including limestone, which his company is well known for in the production of cement.

“Nigeria is one of twelve countries in the world that have large deposits of iron ore, gas and coal, but unfortunately the country is importing steel.

“We spend $2.5 billion annually importing steel to Nigeria. With $2.5 billion, we should be able to set up a plant that can produce steel of 1.5 to 2 million tons per annum”, he lamented.

Rabiu said investment in transformation, especially the railway system, will unveil enormous opportunities for the country and investors.

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