Kaduna: Again, 18 kidnapped residents in community in Chikun LGA

About 18 people have been kidnapped in Keke, a community in Chikun local government area of Kaduna State.

The gunmen were said to have invaded the community around midnight.

According to an eyewitness account, the gunmen came in large numbers and after causing confusion in the area, they kidnapped 18 people as soon they stormed our community, adding, “they( bandits) blocked the major road, thereby preventing residents to escape or visitors to come in to assist us”.

He said further, “they started moving from house to house chasing the people out of their houses. At the end of it, 18 people were abducted. We discovered that 18 people were kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination”.

He disclosed that most of the victims kidnapped were women and children saying, we have lodged a formal complaint to the police and they have come to survey the area. He recalled also that the kidnapping was coming two years when some people in the community were kidnapped in the community.

There is, however, no official confirmation from the authorities.

Kaduna has been one of the worst-hit States in the North in terms of the kidnapping of students and other residents.

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