Kaduna: Mr. LA challenges FG to save abducted students

By Falal Ango

A frontline Kaduna-based poltician, Hon. Lawal Adamu Usman, also known as Mr. LA, has challenged the government to ensure the rescue of children abducted by gunmen at the Kaduna Forest College.

Mr. LA made the announcement during a press conference at his office in Kaduna yesterday. 

According to him, “The government should do its best to prevent such incidents in the future, although we must also thank the security forces for their efforts in rescuing 180 students on the day of the incident”.

Mr. LA  advised the northern governors to unite, put aside their differences, and come up with solutions to the problems plaguing the North, because according to him “now they are responsible for doing so and it is imperative that they save the North from its current predicament. 

“Unfortunately, if our northern schools continue to be attacked as they are now, there will be a time when the children will drop out of school altogether and our northern region will be left behind especially in the field of education”, he counselled.

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