Kaduna: Nupe community leader, congratulates Governor-Elect, Uba Sani

A chieftain of the Nupe Community in Rigasa Ward, Kaduna State, Etsu Basa Agaie, who is also the Chairman, Nupe Foundation for Peace & Unity, Kaduna Chapter, Alhaji Yahaya Sidi Aliyu, has congratulated the newly elected Governor of the State, Senator Uba Sani. In this interview with Voice of Liberty, the Nupe chieftain offered his advice and counsel to the incoming governor. Excerpts:

Que: Can you please introduce yourself?

Ans: My name is Alhaji Yahaya Sidi Aliyu, Jakadan gundumar Rigasa Ward, Etsu Basa Agaie, and also the Chairman, Nupe Foundation for Peace & Unity, Kaduna Chapter.

Que: Considering your position, and in view of the fact that the election period has been concluded peacefully, what message do you have for the incoming administration, especially that of the newly-elected Governor of Kaduna State, Senator Uba Sani and the legislators?

Ans: In our position as leaders of the Nupe community, in Kaduna State, we give thanks to Almighty Allah for witnessing a peaceful conduct of the Presidential, Governorship, and National and State Assembly supplementary elections.  We are happy that the election exercise was carried out without any negative incidents, such as violence or thuggery, which has been associated with previous elections in the past.

We are hopeful that Almighty Allah guide the President-elect as well as the newly elected Governor of Kaduna State, including the elected legislators in the State. We pray that they lead us fairly and in a just manner.

Que:  What message do you have for the Nupe community resident, who have been living in peace with other communities in Kaduna State?

Ans: We, the Nupe community, under the auspices of the Nupe Foundation for Peace & Unity, Kaduna Chapter are proud to be associated with the Governor-Elect of Kaduna State, Malam Uba Sani. We are pleased over the outcome of the governorship election that produced him, which to us is an affirmation of the peaceful nature of the interaction of the Nupe community with their counterparts in Kaduna State. With the coming of our new Governor, we are sure it would solidify the existing bond between the Nupe community and other citizens in the State.

While we are not in any way disparaging the work of the outgoing Governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufa’i during his tenure; but we are hopeful that the incoming Governor would continue the good work started by his predecessor, by ensuring that every resident in the State feel a sense of belonging.

As leaders of the Nupe community, we did all we could to ensure the successful outcome of the governorship election for Malam Uba Sani, and we are thankful that the outcome has been favourable.

We want to use this opportunity to remind the Governor-elect to keep in view the positive contributions of the Nupe community in the State, who have proved themselves to be worthy ambassadors of the Nupe people, having made significant positive contributions in all spheres of human endeavour. We are hopeful that by carrying us along, we shall also contribute positively for his success in governing Kaduna State. We, therefore, pray that he and his incoming administration never forget the importance of carrying us along in the scheme of things in the State.

Que: With regards to youths, who are in their large numbers in the State and the nation as a whole, what advice do you have for them, especially in your community?

Ans: We the Nupe community, in Kaduna State and across the country, we are known for our peaceful nature at all times; we are never involved in any negative action occasioned with other youth groups. Our youths are well-known for their peaceful nature, loyalty to elders and constituted authority. I can assure you that whatever the leaders in the community say, orders or directs, our youths obey such directives; therefore, although the election is over, the Nupe community’s relationship with the Kaduna State government would be strengthened and enhanced, especially under the watch of our elected Governor, Malam Uba Sani.

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