Kaduna State Government set to re-name Kaduna State University

The Kaduna State Commissioner of Education has disclosed the plan of the State government plans to name Kaduna State University, also known as KASU, after The famous Magajin Garin Zazzau, Sambo; now to be called “MAGAJIN GARI SAMBO UNIVERSITY”

According to the commissioner, this renaming followed the requests by over 77 registered community development associations across the State, considering the contribution of Magajin Garin Zazzau Sambo towards the development of kaduna state in general.
While briefing newsmen, the Kaduna State House of Assembly’s Chairman on Community development, welcomed the development, saying the State house of assembly has already passed it into Law.

Also, the Registrar of KASU, the University’s management welcomed the proposed name-change, saying they are ready to effect the name.

He furthered described Magajin Zazzau Sambo as a legend and an icon in Kaduna State who deserved to be immortalised.

In his briefing, The Secretary of the Kaduna State government, thanks the state house of assembly for making this into law as a sign of respect and honour the legend of all time Magajin garin zazzau Sambo.

The President of the delegation of the Associations, Prof.Mathew Jacop, expressed his appreciation to the State government, the State’s House of Assembly and KASU’s Governing Council on behalf of all the 77 groups for making the change a reality.

He described Magajin-Gari Sambo as the Pioneer of Western Education in Kaduna State in general.

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