Kaduna Train Attack: “Negotiate with us or we kill those remaining in our custody” – Terrorists warn FG

Terrorists, suspected to be members of the Ansaru faction of Boko Haram, have released a video of the just-released Managing Director of the Bank of Agriculture,(BOA), Alwan Hassan, on Wednesday night.

In the video, which was believed to have been recorded minutes before the MD was set free by the terrorists, the leader of the group was heard calling on the Federal Government to negotiate with them, even though he did not specifically say what they want from the FG.

They said, “Government should hasten to meet us before we turn this place into an abattoir, because killing these people is nothing to us”, adding that “It’s not about money. We can’t do this for money. The government knows what we want”.

In the short video, which went viral, four of the terrorists were seen in military uniforms wielding arms, with the Managing Director in the middle. Behind them was something that looked like the wreckage of an Armored Personnel Carrier, (APC).

They claimed, in a video, that the release was on compassionate grounds because Ali-Alwan was old and had pleaded with them while in captivity.

In the video clip, believed to be recorded before the Managing Director was set free, the four terrorists used clothing materials to cover their faces; two wore turbans while the Managing Director was in a white kaftan and a cap.

The speaker, who appeared to be the leader of the group, started talking by praying in Arabic, before saying in Hausa that they were responsible for the train attack. He said they abducted the passengers and called on the government to negotiate with them or they kill the captives.

He remarked that the MD of the Bank of Agriculture has been pleading since we abducted him with us to release him.

The Managing Director also spoke in Hausa, saying “I would like to let you know that these people’s pitied me and allowed me to go because of my age. But I have left many people behind in a condition that they need help.

“The government should contact the leaders of this group and negotiate their release because they are in a situation that needs immediate help”, he pleaded.

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