Kagara abduction: “The person who gave us this business is among you”- Kidnappers reveal

The captors of 42 students and workers of Government Science College, Kagara, Niger State, have made a shocking revelation about the brain behind the schoolchildren’s abduction.

The suspected bandits described the schoolchildren’s abduction as “a business” and claimed that the architect of the “business” was among those negotiating the schoolboys’ release.

The abductors made the shocking revelation in an audio recording made available to The Punch by prominent Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, on Wednesday. The report said supposed top officials of the school and the abductors were heard (in the audio) holding a conversation in Hausa language and negotiating the kidnapped victims’ release.

The bandits, in the recording, boasted about having Kagara surrounded by their men. They also claimed to be privy to every move of the government and security agencies, as according to them, the person who arranged the schoolboys’ abduction is allegedly a mole within the negotiators.

The negotiators were said to have pleaded with the bandits to accept N2.7m as ransom, but they rejected it and threatened to starve the schoolboys to death if their demands were not met.

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