Kogi ‘high risk’ for COVID-19, PTF declares

Ø  Warns against visiting State

Kogi State has been classified as “high risk” for COVID-19 because of its failure to acknowledge the existence of the disease, report tests or build isolation centres.

The Presidential Task Force, (PTF), on COVID-19, which announced the classification yesterday, warned Nigerians to be wary of visiting the State.

The Kogi State governor, Yahaya Bello, is well known for refusing to acknowledge the existence of the disease, which he calls a “fraud”. Recently, he said the Covid-19 vaccine is “meant to kill us”, asking people not to receive it.

The National Incident Manager of the PTF, said at the media briefing that Kogi was not testing at all.

According to him, “We have States where data is not coming forth. States that are not testing are probably at much more higher risk than the states that are currently known as high burdened states; for Kogi, which is not conducting tests at all, Muhammad said it is at the “high risk”.

“A State that is not testing at all is an absolute high risk for Nigerians to go there because there is no testing facility and even if you fall sick, there is no isolation center and they don’t even acknowledge that the disease exists; so, for that reason, we put that State at the top of high risk State,” he added.

He also said there are 22 high-burdened local government areas within 13 States in the country that contributed over 95 percent of the cases recorded in the last six weeks.

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