Lack of fuel, light — How Nigerians are coping with the hard times

With about a month since the fuel crisis rocked the nation, with Nigerians expecting that things would be better by now, the situation, however, seems to be worse, as queues are still seen at petrol stations, with black marketeers selling at outrageous prices.

As if this is not enough, Nigerians have in recent times been experiencing worsened epileptic power supply across the country.

It is common knowledge that Nigeria’s electricity supply has never been steady, but in recent times most Nigerians who used to have about three hours of electricity in a day now live without power supply on a daily basis.

A resident of Benin, in Edo State, named Esosa, who was frustrated by the unending situation, tweeted about how Nigerian governors’ wives are jetting to Dubai to celebrate A’isha Buhari, the First Lady, while Nigerians suffer without power and fuel.

Nigerian governors’ wives are celebrating A’isha Buhari in Dubai. Meanwhile, in Nigeria; No light. No Fuel. Transportation fare doubled. ASUU on strike….We are lowkey suffering silently”, he tweeted.

Speaking with newsmen, Esosa, who sells merchandise online, lamented how his business has been crippled in the past few weeks. He said the power situation has got much worse lately, such that he barely enjoys two hours of electricity.

“In my community, we barely see NEPA light. The cost of fuel and transportation is affecting my pocket seriously. I run my generator almost every day…Only if we had constant light, at least three to six hours daily, it would have been better”, he stated.

Similarly, a trader named Delight, who operates a grocery stall with her sister in the Lugbe suburb, recounted the same experience. According to her, business was just fine until they were hit by the worsened epileptic power supply, which she said got them neck-deep in financial loss and unplanned expenses.

Delight said on February 24, the epileptic electricity caused her deep freezer to break down. She said in the wake of that, while she was still thinking about how much she would spend fixing the deep freezer, the N240,000 worth of chicken she had bought for sales began to spoil, adding that she lost about 20 kilogrammes of the chicken because of lack of electric power.

“This freezer will cost me a lot of money to repair. I am waiting to see if the light becomes more stable before I pay for the repairs. The situation has affected me so much. I used to sell chilled sachet water and even ice blocks but I no longer do that. I have lost customers, I have lost money”, she further lamented.

Delight is not alone, Mummy Princess, another grocery shop owner in AMAC market, also in Lugbe, said she almost lost the entire one carton of fish she bought for sale when she decided to smoke them as a form of preservation.

“All the fish I paid to keep in a cold room; up to one carton of fish, all of it started getting bad, I was only able to save the few I smoked, to at least make some profit. It’s annoying. No light, no fuel. The heat is even something else and it is spoiling my vegetables”, she told newsmen.

“Nigeria has just become something else. We really need the government to help us”, she cried out.

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