“Nigeria’ll face more trouble until we change 1999 Constitution, system of governance” – Archbishop 

The Emeritus Archbishop of Ibadan Archdiocese, Felix Alaba Job, yesterday, said that Nigeria as a nation will face more trouble until we change the 1999 Constitution and system of governance.

He also said that the challenge of insecurity, plaguing the country would continue to persist due to the insincerity of the nation’s leadership to tackle it because they are involved in the problem.

Alaba Job, who spoke at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ibadan (UI), Ibadan, on the sideline of a lecture titled “Challenges for Christian Missions in Nigeria” organised by the Nigeria Academy of Church History and Missiology (NACHAM) bemoaned what he termed insincerity of the country leadership.

According to him, “Until we change our system of government and constitution, we are doomed. Let us not deceive ourselves; until we change our 1999 constitution, we are doomed. I am telling you as a Nigerian that I am a church person. I am more than 51 years as a bishop. From the beginning, our government said we are a secular State.

“Check the present Constitution, how many times was Islam mentioned and how many times were Islamic teachers mentioned? How many times was Shari’ah mentioned? Is Christianity mentioned just once? The present constitution is supposed to govern all of us. I am not against Muslims because I have them as my own family members. I also have Christians of different sorts in my family”.

“Vote for fact and do what your good sense tells you”, he counseled.

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