Nigerian Youth group demands explanation from Buhari on hunger crisis

The Nigerian Youth Congress, (NYC), has demanded that President Muhammadu Buhari come out and explain to Nigerians why hunger in the country is increasing.

The group said Nigerians are presently unhappy with the president because, according to them, the prices of food items are increasing every day.

The Director of Youth Sensitisation and Rehabilitation Affairs of the Congress, Lucky Udu, who made the statement in a video released on social media, also urged market sellers and buyers to express their frustration.

He added that, “A bag of pure water used to sell for N70, but now sells for N350. From N70 to N350? How can anyone cope with this much change?

“Salaries are still the same and the majority of Nigerians do not know anything about inflation; all they know is that prices keep going up every day, with no hope of restoration.

“Not every Nigerian is literate enough to understand the concept of economics, nor the situation of the world. Market sellers and buyers in Nigeria need to express their frustration”.

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