“Nigerians docility responsible for thriving impunity in country” – Wole Soyinka

…As Utomi, others lament spate of impunity

Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, yesterday said that the docility of Nigerians was responsible for the impunity among the political class.

This is as other renowned activists lamented that Nigeria and indeed the African countries reward corrupt leaders with re-election.

They spoke at the 24th edition of the Wole Soyinka Lecture Series, organised by the National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity), which was held via Zoom, with the theme: ‘National Conference Against Impunity‘.

In his remarks, Prof. Soyinka said every Nigerian should take responsibility for allowing impunity thrive in the country, adding that the country was paying for not being able to protest and denounce impunity in the country.

The Nobel laureate, who noted that all the dire events that have overtaken and overwhelm Nigeria were traceable to impunity, pointed out that the topic was timely considering that it was instructive for Nigerians and that it was not late to reverse the trend.

The Keynote Speaker, Prof. Patrick Lumunba, in his paper, stated that the issue of impunity was not peculiar to Nigeria alone but permeates the African continent.

He lamented that rather than be enraged by impunity, Nigerians and Africans “have rewarded corrupt leaders with re-election.”

According to him, “It is pertinent to ask why Nigeria which had such great promise continues to wallow in the lower rungs of human development. Why are Africans and Nigerians silent in the face of impunity? Why, in the words of Wole Soyinka, has the man in us died?”

He further said that people should hold themselves responsible for refusing to act and being part of the misfortune that has befallen the country, 

Lumumba, however, said in the midst of the gloom, the people must remain hopeful and ensure impunity does not triumph by holding leaders accountable.

Other speakers, including Prof. Pat Utomi, advocated for concerted efforts from the people to end impunity.

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