Nigeria’s Insecurity: 2,968 killed, 1,484 abducted in three months – Report

Niger, Zamfara, Kaduna most violent States

At least, 2,968 people were killed, while 1,484 were abducted in Nigeria from January to March 2022, according to data released by the Nigeria Security Tracker, (NST).

The NST, a project of the Council on Foreign Relations, gathers the data through “weekly surveys of Nigerian and international media”.

According to the data, more people were killed in the North-West region than in other regions in the country, whereby at least 1,103 people were killed within the period in the region.

The North-Central region recorded the second-highest number of murders – with 984 killed during the period, while in the North-East 488 were killed.

In the South-East, 181 were killed during the period under review, while in the South-West and South-South regions 127 and 85 people were killed respectively.

Gunmen, locally called bandits, have been attacking and killing thousands of people in the country’s North-West since 2017. These assailants have attacked rural dwellers, destroyed their farmlands and in many cases only allow them to the farm after they have paid protection fees. They have also targeted travellers across the region, in what some analysts say is one of the most lucrative kidnap-for-ransom syndicates in the continent.

In January, 998 people were killed, 756 were killed in February and 1,214 if March across the country.

The data also shows that the country’s North is the more violent region, with 2,575 (86.8%) murders, while the country’s south recorded 393 deaths (13.2%).

Some of the most violent States in the country are Niger, with 840 deaths, followed by Zamfara with 404; Borno – with 392; Kaduna – with 332 and Kebbi – with 114.

The data further shows that the North-West recorded 746 abductions during the period. In the North-Central, 547 were abducted while 61 people were abducted in the North-East.

In the South-East, 53 people were abducted, 44 were abducted in the South-South and 36 people were abducted in the South-west.

The North, with 1,354, has 91.2% of those abducted while the South, with 130 abductees, has 8.8%. In January, 623 people were abducted, while in February, 342 got kidnapped and 519 in March.

Based on a State-by-State analysis, the top five States with the highest number of abductees are Niger – 458; Kaduna – 448; Zamfara – 138; Katsina – 138; Katsina – 106 and Kogi – 51.

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