Nigeria’s next president should be in his 60s, says Babangida

Former military president, Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, (rtd), has suggested that the time has come for young hands to do the work of fixing the country.

Babangida, popularly known as IBB, who suggested during an interview on a television programme on Friday morning, said Nigerians in their 60s should lead the nation in the next presidential election because of the nature of the work of the country’s leader.

IBB said one of the reasons Nigeria has refused to progress and achieve the dreams of the founding fathers was because Nigerians no longer believed in the future of their own country.

Although Babangida did not mention any names as ineligible for the nation’s number one seat, he however suggested that individuals in their 60s should be the focus of Nigerians as potential presidential candidates in 2023.

Babangida said he was confident that the nation is endowed with both human and natural resources, hinted at a few individuals, whom he said were in their 60s, had the capacity to become president and could effectively run the country.

The former leader, who accused the Nigerian people of creating and at the same time, destroying their own country, identified bad leadership as yet a major reason for the socio-economic challenges facing Nigeria.

Talking about the presidential hopefuls he had in mind, IBB said they were persons in their 6os with contacts across the nation and who had been traversing the geo-political zones marketing their acceptability and capacity.

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