Planned Indefinite Strike: ‘Expect total impact’ – NLC tells Nigerians

The Nigeria Labour Congress, (NLC), has told Nigerians to expect total impact when it finally declares its proposed strike.

The labour union and the Federal Government have failed to come to terms over relief measures following the removal of fuel subsidy. The NLC may likely declare an indefinite strike by midnight today, Tuesday.

President of the NLC, Joe Ajaero, who gave the indication when he appeared on television at the weekend, said, “For the total, indefinite strike, Nigerians should expect total impact”, he said.

According to the union leader, the Federal Government should have put necessary measures in place before removing subsidy.

He added, “But within some minutes, the subsidy was removed and we say, no, return it back to status quo so that we can discuss. They said, no, ask for palliatives; ask for wage increase. And here, the same thing they had asked us to ask were things we asked for but they can’t provide them; and they have vacated the negotiating table”.

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