Police charge Lekki tollgate protesters with ‘breaching public peace, Covid-19 protocol’

The Police in Lagos yesterday charged several  protesters arrested at the Lekki tollgate to court for breaching public peace.

The arrested protesters were charged at the Magistrate Court,Yaba, Lagos State.

According to the charge sheet, they were charged on three counts including failing to comply with the “Quarantine Law which prohibit any social gathering to avoid spreading and contacting of Coronavirus Disease”.

The other charges are “breach of public peace, harassment, and causing unnecessary alarm to the public”.

The arrest of the protesters and how they were manhandled by police officers was earlier reported. They were also reportedly denied access to their lawyers, some activists claim.

The protesters were also charged with failure to comply with Covid-19 law recently passed by the federal government.

The arrest of the protesters has been condemned by different groups and individuals, with many calling for their unconditional release.

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