Poverty, Insecurity: “This is not our country” — Peter Obi

…Reveals what‘ll happen 2yrs after taking over

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has decried the excruciating hardship and economic woes in the country, declaring that the Nigeria of today was not what the founding fathers of the country envisaged when they staked their lives to seek our independence. 

Obi who spoke yesterday, during an award of scholarship by the Alex Otti Foundation at the Mata Dei Catholic Cathedral Umuahia, declared that the time had come for patriotic Nigerians to join the on-going efforts to rescue the country from political hijackers and rebuild it.

The presidential candidate said the reason poverty rate “is high up in the country is because Nigeria has remained a consuming country instead of producing nation”.  He blamed the woes of the country on poor leadership and lack of vision by those occupying leadership positions.

The former Anambra State governor noted that Nigeria is heavily endowed with a talented and willing youth population but visionless leaders have stagnated the country. 

We cannot continue this way! This is not our country! A country where people cannot buy a loaf of bread is not our country. Our country must be productive. We must take back our country and end this poverty!” he lamented.

Obi solicited the prayers of Nigerians for leaders in the country so they could use public funds to work for the people instead of competing in squandermania.

The presidential aspirant said that within two years under his watch as President, Aba and Port-Harcourt would become one city. He said that there would be a new Nigeria where every part of the country would be very proud and happy to belong to the country, as development will be evenly distributed across the country.

Obi further said Africa would feel the impact of massive development that would erupt in all parts of the country under his watch.

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