State of the Nation:’Nigeria in dire need of all-round reset’ – Fayemi

Ekiti State governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has said that Nigeria’s political structure was in dire need of an all-round reset, but insisted that such a reset should not unmake the country.

Fayemi, who is also the chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, (NGF), noted that there had been several reforms in the past aimed at solving Nigeria’s political and economic problems. He observed that past efforts had only succeeded in solving immediate problems.

While speaking at the LEADERSHIP Annual Conference and Awards 2021, with the theme: ‘Resetting Nigeria: Culture, Politics, Geography and the Role of Big Ideas’ in Abuja, Fayemi, who was the Special Guest, explained that reforming a political process is a permanent work-in-progress.

He insisted that the needed reform does not suggest a need for outright destruction of the current system. “But to remake Nigeria, we don’t have to unmake Nigeria,” he stated.

Fayemi added that, “Political systems are not meant to remain static in time and space, but rather, as expected by design and the crux of circumstances to undergo a regular process of reset.

“Since the time of our independence in 1960, we have undergone periods of reset which resolved some immediate problems for the season; just for the season, before exhausting capacity to tackle new problems that arose”.

The governor, who cited an example of successive creation of States to replace the regional structure, noted that the logic of over-centralisation has weakened the federating units compared to the federal centre.

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