Troops eliminate Ansaru terrorists masquerading as bandits in Kaduna

A strategic alliance between the Kaduna State Government and security agencies has resulted in the neutralization of several Ansaru sect terrorists in the guise of herdsmen, who engage in the illicit act of banditry and terrorism. 

An intelligence source involved in the anti-banditry operation in the state said that the Ansaru elements have been responsible for the wave of deadly attacks that were touted as Fulani-farmers rivalry in some parts of the state. 

The intelligence officer said: “The Kaduna State Government has been incredibly supportive with the aid of a potent security apparatus in ruthlessly dealing with marauding bandits and other criminal elements.

“Aggressive air onslaughts by fighter jets and attack helicopters of the Nigerian Air Force have resulted in the elimination of Ansaru criminals and rampaging bandits in areas and communities, hitherto ravaged by banditry,” the source said.

He said with the aid of sophisticated drones and tracking devices, the security operatives tracked the forest den of the Ansaru sect fighters and ‘finished them’.

The intelligence expert, who declined to give his name, said the ‘style’ in which various military and combat operations are being prosecuted in the State, has changed dramatically.

The intelligence source, however, expressed regret that retaliatory attacks between Fulani and farmers were engineered by bandits and the terrorists.

“Some of the captured kingpins of the criminal gangs, during interrogations, confessed their sinister roles in instigating the herdsmen-farmer conflict as diversionary tactics away from their banditry and terrorism activities.

“We believe the state should do more in engaging community leaders, youths and the media to realise that the real enemies are not the innocent citizens but strange foreigners on their lands instigating the crises.”

Credit: PRNigeria

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