Turkey-Africa Summit: ‘Only joint efforts can defeat terrorism in Africa’, Buhari insists

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday, in Istanbul, called on the Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit to provide concrete support to help defeat terrorism and insurgency on the African continent.

Speaking at the 3rd edition of the Summit, President Buhari said the Boko Haram terrorist group, though fragmented by internal strife and degraded by Nigeria’s defence forces, is still active and preying on soft targets.

The President expressed delight that the Summit convened by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey has given due consideration to the issue of terrorism, while also focusing on development and infrastructure in Africa.

On the global coronavirus pandemic, President Buhari urged nations to follow the example of Africa-Turkey cooperation, which emphasises solidarity and support in tackling the challenge.

President Buhari also commended the African Union, (AU), for the excellent role it has been playing in coordinating the implementation process of the Partnership.

The Nigerian leader noted that in view of the increasingly unpredictable nature of contemporary global challenges facing mankind, world leaders must continue to put the wellbeing of humanity at the centre of the agenda for the common good and prosperity of all.

Reaffirming that international trade is an engine for development and sustained economic growth, as well as the global eradication of poverty, President Buhari welcomed the significant increase in trade figures between Africa and Turkey.

He urged the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, (AFCTA), to assist in further increasing the level of Africa-Turkey trade, leading to a win-win for all countries.

President Buhari, who applauded President Erdogan for initiating the Turkey-Africa Partnership since 2008, said, “We are confident that given the level of openness, trust and commitment manifested in the Africa–Turkey Partnership, this cooperation mechanism will be a game-changer for our countries and set us on the path of sustainable development for our people”.

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